About us

TravoMate is a travel community marketplace, where the locals offer a wide variety of authentic and area-specific experiences for visitors. In this market, we help travelers connect with fellow traveler - mates around the world, and allow them to plan trips, and receive awesome travel deals to reduce their travel expenses.

We connect like-minded members with similar interests and travel plans traveling to the same destination or having similar routes and stoppages. We believe that travel is not just about seeing new places and taking photos, but about connecting different people and cultures. More to this, we help you to “Travel with local people”.

As we know with the array of guidebooks and travel information on the internet, local daily life and best-kept secrets are still only known by local people. The local chaperone takes you to the wonders of their hometown, far beyond what you can find in an ordinary travel guidebook or a vacation package.


In the modern world, technological advancement has enabled us to get any information easily from anywhere in the world. However, local daily life and best-kept secrets are still known only among local people.

We believe that we can change the concept of traveling by making it more authentic, more local and more memorable.